Lancaster Grand

New Foyer


Lancaster Grand Theatre is surrounded by roads on three of its four sides and is extremely restricted for space.  It is owned by a Trust and is entirely self funded.  To increase theatre flexibility, increase income, enhance the theatre experience and allow an increase in community use, a glass wall fronted foyer was designed in 2008.  A fund raising campaign had been set up in 2007 which now stands at over £180K.  The demise of the development plans around the theatre resulted in Footlights producing a much improved design which was submitted for planning permission in 2015.  This design  not approved because it showed an inadequate footpath width along the foyer frontage and recommendations to have a wind reducing lobby were taken aboard.

 New Foyer Update October 2016  

Following the 2015 comments, a stunning new design was produced which still kept the protected fire escape staircase from the circle, the improved disabled access, a hoist servicing all levels up to the lower circle and a street level coffee and alcohol bar.  It is larger and will improve the ability of the theatre to generate additional income, needed to ensure the long term future of the theatre.  The final drawings have been completed and planning permission and listed building consent will be sought in July/August 2017. The cost estimate of this redesign is £1.5 million and following the granting of planning permission, a major fund raising drive will begin to raise the additional money required to build it.  Subject to funds being raised, it is intended to build it over the summer shutdown of 2020.

Thanks go to all exisiting donors, patrons and well wishers.





The proposed new foyer 2015