Covid guidance updated January 2022

The following outlines how we intend to minimise the risk of coronavirus infections following the latest Government guidance.

Face masks are now mandatory, unless you are exempt.
Public Health England advise that children 11yrs and under are not required to wear a Mask.

Face masks can be removed while you are eating or drinking but should be worn at all other times. 

Please note, there is no requirement for double vaccination passports. 

  1. Symptoms or contact. If you are showing coronavirus symptoms or have been told to isolate under the NHS track and trace system or the Covid 19 App, have a cough, cold, are feeling unwell or are showing any of the coronavirus symptoms listed by the NHS, have come into contact with anyone who is unwell or if it has been less than two weeks since you have started to feel better – please stay at home.
  2. Track and Trace. On arrival, if you have a smart phone, please scan the NHS track and trace QR code at the entrance.
  3. Book in advance. Please book either online or at the Box Office in person or by phone on 01524 64695. There are now no limits on group booking sizes.
  4. Tickets. Please print on-line tickets at home and give one to each member of your party or download them onto you’re their mobile phones to be scanned by our Front of house volunteers. If you have booked over the phone and are not able to collect the tickets in advance, they will be available for collection on arrival. Tickets will also be on sale at the box office on the night if the show is not sold out.
  5. Refreshments. The two coffee bars and the alcohol bar will be fully open with the tested one-way system partitions and counter shields still in place to minimise physical contact.
  6. Arrival time. Please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before each performance but in good time to be seated comfortably.
  7. Sanitisation of hands. Please sanitise your hands on entry. There are also several sanitiser stations for you to use throughout the theatre.
  8. Keep left. We have decided to continue our “keep left” in corridors and on stairs to minimise face to face contact.
  9. Toilets. Please be vigilant and keep to a maximum of three at any one time
  10. Extra cleaning. We will continue our extra cleaning established during the socially distanced performances.
  11. Departure. After the show, we think it still makes sense to keep the tested socially distanced policy of the front half of the stalls leaving via the emergency exit onto the car park at the front left of the auditorium and for circle seats to leave via the main staircase at the rear of the stalls.
  12. Ventilation. The two fans installed in the roof void will be running during your visit, drawing air upwards and discharging it to outside. We have also reopened the ten adjustable vents in the walls (originally installed in 1908 when there were gas lights)  which now provide a flow of fresh air from outside.

The virus has not gone away, but we believe that implementing the above arrangements will help to minimise the possibility of infection and trust you will enjoy your evening with us.