Temporary closure of the theatre

Show Moves, Transfers and Refunds

Hello everyone,

Box office staff continue to work on show moves, transfers and refunds.  We are now nearly there but it will still take some time to complete so please bear with us.

Again, we want to thank you all for your e-mails and continue to work through them. You will eventually get a response. We are working through show by show keeping them in order so that no-one will slip through the net. This means that if your show has been rescheduled or gets cancelled we will get round to you.

We promise you that all bookings and reservations will be automatically transferred to the new date. Your tickets and money are safe. Please keep your tickets and make a note of the new date. If you cannot make the new date you will be able to transfer your booking to a different show or to request a refund. We promise you that you will get your money back

Thank you all for your kind messages and support.  We will get there soon. 💪