Audition for Lancaster Footlights


Auditions for Blackadder II, Head, Potato, Chains-

Monday 17th June, 7pm
Tuesday 18th June, 7pm
Tech Team meeting- Monday 24th June, 7pm
All at Lancaster Grand Theatre

This is a non-professional production, by arrangement with Comic Relief, of three stories from Blackadder II: Head, Potato and Chains. Scripts are closely adapted from the Richard Curtis and Ben Elton originals first broadcast by the BBC.

The show is set around the 1580s but the humour is very much of the 1980s.

Playing ages are given as a guideline but all actors must be aged 17+

Script extracts will be available from Lancaster Grand Box Office from Monday 3 June or by contacting

There are no audition fees, everyone is welcome, any non members will need to join Lancaster Footlights if they are cast. Adult membership costs £15 per year.

Character list:

Lady Farrow – the attractive wailing wife/widow of Lord Farrow. Large role, cries a lot, female character. Age 25+
Gaoler Ploppy – ‘repulsive’ and not overly bright gaoler. Medium-sized comic role, male character. Age 25+
Mistress Ploppy – equally repulsive prison cook. Medium-sized comic role, female character. Age 25+
Earl Farrow – younger brother of Lord Farrow. V small role, grovelling to Queenie, flexible casting. Age 18+

Sir Walter Raleigh – vain show-off, greatest explorer of the age and would-be suitor to Queenie. Large role, male character. Age 30+
Captain Redbeard Rum – the only sea-farer with few enough marbles for the journey. Medium-sized comic role, flexible casting. Age 25+

Prince Ludwig – dastardly master of disguise, mostly German accent but switches convincingly to West Country and others. Large role, comic and menacing, flexible casting. Age 25+
Torturer – communicates in Spanish and (limited) mime. Medium-sized role, comic and menacing, flexible casting. Age 18+
Guards 1 & 2 – German accents. Small roles, work as a double-act, flexible casting. Age 18+

Dick Whittington and his Cat Panto Audition dates:

Tues 2nd July, 7pm- Principals (details will be put on here soon)
Wed 3rd July, 7pm- Chorus (aged 9 years to adult)
Wed 10th July, 7pm- Dancers (aged 9 years to adult)

More details provided soon!