New Foyer fundraising campaign

Drive to raise £2.85 million

After many unavoidable delays, we started to re-vitalise our fundraising campaign for the New Foyer but suffered a major setback with the Corona virus pandemic when funding availability was reduced due to other priorities.  The Theatre does not receive any external funding so we rely on the support of you, our supporters, to help us generate funds. The money we receive from ticket sales goes directly to the upkeep and restoration of the theatre.

With £618K raised and £175K already having been spent on site investigation work and detailed design fees, fund-raising has continued and the total in the fund on 31st December 2022 stood at £443.5K. Following further detailed design work to remodel the car park and proposed plaza to fit in with the city redevelopment plans, the estimated cost of building the new foyer increased from 2,65M to £2.84M leaving c. £2.2 still to raise to build this new and exciting facility for everyone to enjoy for many years to come.

In 2022, we managed to secure an additional £635K grant but unfortunately, that grant time expired at the end of March 2023 as we were not in a position to spend the money by then.

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The Home of Entertainment since 1782 and Lancaster Footlights since 1951

The Grand Theatre, under its many names, has been a major part of the social and cultural life of Lancaster since it opened in 1782. Today, as a result of a continual restoration drive, the theatre is in the best condition it has been since the rebuild in 1908 and now operates as one of the key north west venues for amateur drama, music and dance and professional touring companies.
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