Introducing Lancaster Grand’s New Foyer

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The New Foyer

Lancaster Grand is very compact considering its 460 seat capacity. It has an extremely small foyer and bar and being 238 years old, it was not designed with disabled access in mind. A foyer has been planned since 2008 following a decision to redevelop the area around the theatre and it was felt the time was right to build a new foyer to provide additional space. Since then the design has been developed to its current stunning design which was designed by 3D Reid in 2018.  Visit our fundraising pages to make a donation or email us for further information:

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The foyer will benefit theatre goers, the community and the long term future of the theatre by:

  • increasing circulation space
  • greatly improving access with the installation of a platform lift
  • creating an intimate studio space for smaller productions, community groups and schools.
  • providing a spacious coffee and alcohol bars at street level.
  • providing additional space to allow the theatre to host conferences and seminars
  • providing additional income to help to ensure the theatre’s continued operation for generations to come

You can contribute at the donation pages below:

The theatre is owned under a Trust arrangement by Lancaster Footlights, a registered charity (number 509425). Looking into the future, the additional income streams made possible by the new foyer will provide additional finance which will help to ensure the long term viability of this gem of a theatre.  A detailed design of the proposed new foyer has now been completed and the updated cost estimate in January 2022 £2.23 million.

The theatre has independently raised £648K by means of donations, fund raising events and legacies with a special mention of one from Tony Yates who was an avid supporter of the Grand Theatre.  £230K has already been spent on the work needed to produce the detailed design leaving £1.8M still to raise.

£625K has been promised as part of the city backed High Street Heritage Action Zone initiative comprising £287K from Heritage England and £337K from Lancaster City Council.

The theatre now intends to ramp up the fund-raising programme with the aim of raising the additional £1.2 million needed by January 2023 so that construction work can begin in July of that year.

The new foyer design was initially given planning approval on 7th January 2019 and following the detaied design work, a revised submission has now been submitted to include a wheelchair ramp to  provide an independent self evacuation route for wheelchair users plus a small car park extension for theatre vehicles.  The plan for the plaza to be a car free, public open space to link it with the plans for the surrounding Canal Quarter redevelopment.

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