Learn about our Theatre Accessibility


Physical access to the box office, auditorium, coffee bars and alcohol bar

The Grand Theatre is an historic Grade II listed building without the benefit of lifts and which unfortunately has restricted disabled access.  Wheelchairs can only access the box office counter (which is accessed directly from the street) and the front of the stalls (which are accessed via a ramp in the theatre car park).  If wheelchair access is required for a show, please let the front of house staff know in the foyer that you have arrived and then proceed up the ramp and knock on the door.  A front of house staff member allocated to that door will let you in to the front of the stalls.

The only access to the coffee bars, the alcohol bar and the circle is also by means of stairs, again prohibiting wheelchair access.

Please note: 

For the safety of the person in a wheelchair and other patrons in the event of an evacuation, it is not acceptable for accompanying adults to carry the person in the a wheelchair up to the bar or the circle.